Sun Lizard Solar Climate Control System

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Sun Lizard Solar Climate Control Benefits

Triple Bottom Line: Saving Money, Saving Energy, Saving The Environment





Keeps your building comfortable all year round

Disperses heat to multiple rooms 

Provides free ventilation and active heat extraction

Provides controlled air quality

Remote control option (Available Soon)

Enjoy savings of up to 60% on your energy bills.

No running costs

Environmentally friendly with no greenhouse gas emissions.

Free from harmful or artificial heating and cooling elements

Self regulating



Competitive in price, running costs, greenhouse gas reduction  to current systems in the market

The New Inventors’ Choice

World’s first patented and combined solar heater and heat extractor

Australian invention, designed and made in Australia

Modern design


Adds heating capacity

Adds flexibility

Easy to retrofit

Suited for energy efficient buildings



Air Quality

When providing ventilation, particularly of cool air, it's important to ensure the air is clean.  We recommend the use of filters to remove at dust and insects from air that may be drawn from underneath the house.  If you are concerned about toxins (for instance, from termite treatments) you can add additional filtration, or pull cool air into the house from another source, such as a shaded outdoor area. You could also employ an air/heat exchange box. One reason the Sun Lizard uses a closed loop system for heating is in order to avoid introducing polluted air such as wood smoke from outside. If the Sun Lizard is used as a pre-heater, we recommend the use of filtration.


The Sun Lizard moderates temperature extremes inside your building. In winter, the Sun Lizard will increase the temperature inside your building by up to 4°C to 6°C, reducing or even eliminating the need for additional heating on many days. It also can take the sting out of summer through extracting heat from the building and reducing the inside temperature by up to 10°C.

Heat dispersion to multiple rooms

The Sun Lizard can transfer heat from one room to multiple rooms at a time by taking warm air suspended under the ceiling, reheating it in the solar heat collectors and introducing the heated air to other areas of the building. The Sun Lizard can provide heating for several rooms that have a common duct.  The Sun Lizard Air Shifter allows transfer of heat to other parts of the building.

Free ventilation and heat extraction

Through the solar powered fan box, the Sun Lizard can actively provide ventilation and heat extraction throughout the building. This will be enhanced by placing filtered cooling vents that access sources of cool air to bring into the building.

Controlled air quality

As in all heating and cooling systems, it is important when providing ventilation and cool air that you ensure the air is clean.

In heating mode, the Sun Lizard takes air, not from the ceiling cavity, but from the room itself to create a closed loop system so that the air quality within the building is maintained. This avoids the introduction of polluted air such as wood smoke and other pollutants from outside into your home when you are not aware of the problem.  If the Sun Lizard is used as a pre-heater, we recommend the use of some form of filtration.

In cooling mode, the air taken from the room via Sun Lizard is expelled out into the atmosphere. If the recommended filtered cooling kits are used, filters are in place to clean the incoming cool air before it enters the building. 

Drawing cool air from subfloor spaces may raise other concerns such as fumes from termite treatments or other similar activities. Additional filters can be obtained to deal with most such concerns, and you should ask the suppliers of the treatments for advice.  Alternatively, source the cool air through the use of an air/heat exchange box, which can further control the air quality. These air/heat exchange boxes do not allow the introduction of contaminated air, but passes the clean air from a safe location, through a cooler but possible dirty area inside a sealed box or duct.



Enjoy big energy savings

The Sun Lizard can reduce your energy consumption for heating and cooling dramatically if integrated into your home

Free from running costs

There are no running costs for the Sun Lizard as it is completely solar powered

Environmentally friendly

There are no greenhouse gas emissions from the Sun Lizard during its working life.

Free from harmful or artificial heating and cooling elements

No artificial chemicals or heating and cooling elements are used in generating the heat from the Sun Lizard.  No gas fumes or wood smoke is produced to potentially harm your health.

Self regulating

The Sun Lizard turns on automatically when the sun is bright enough to provide heating or cooling.  It switches itself off when there is no sun for heating.  In summer, there is an optional 12 volt backup to keep the fans running after sunset to continue cooling your building.

Peace of mind warranty

The Sun Lizard Solar Climate Control Systems comes with a warranty which covers:

  1. 25 years on solar collector
  2. 10 years on PV panel
  3. 2 years on electronics


The New Inventors' Choice

We won our episode of the New Inventors

World’s first patented solar heater and heat extractor

The Sun Lizard is a patented technology which is a world first in combining a solar heat collector with a heat extraction function. 

Australian made, owned and designed.

The Sun Lizard is an Australian owned product. It is designed,  developed and manufactured in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. See our company profile for more information.


New modern design

This new Sun Lizard design has a low slimline profile where the air flow box and fan box is detached from the solar heat collector. This enables you to hide these components inside the roof cavity for a more discrete look.

Where there is no roof cavity the components can lie flat on the roof under a weatherproof cover to protect the components from the elements.


The new fan box is designed with a heavily suspended foam shell wrapping the fans in a tight cocoon to provide better sound insulation so that your peaceful environment is undisturbed.

More heating capacity

The new dual collector system doubles the heating capacity of the previous models. You can generate more heat for areas up to 150 sqm.

More flexibility

The air flow box, fan box and PV panel are moveable and semi-attached to the solar heat collector to provide more flexibility in its design. This allows you to locate the Sun Lizard to suit your home.

The Sun Lizard Climate Control Systems can be combined with other products in our range to provide a more complete climate control solution. Click here for more information on our packages.

Easy to retrofit

Existing homes can be easily retrofitted with the Sun Lizard. Click here for examples of existing installations. 

Ideally suited for energy efficient buildings

The Sun Lizard uses your home as a heat or cool store.  The more energy efficient the building, the more effective the Sun Lizard will be.  Most new homes are ideal for the Sun Lizard.



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