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Sun Lizard Featured on New Inventors, Wins Expert Panel Vote

Sydney, Aug 1, 2007_ Colin Gillam's Sun Lizard solar heater and cooler invention won accolades tonight on the ABC's television program the "New Inventors." The Sun Lizard won the show's expert panel vote as the night's best invention.

"We were honored to have the Sun Lizard on the program, Australia's premier showcase for new ideas," Mr. Gillam said after the show. "We're even more honored the Sun Lizard won."

The Sun Lizard is a solar-powered space heating and cooling device for buildings. The roof-mounted Sun Lizard uses nature's greenhouse effect to convert sunlight into thermal energy. It then uses solar-powered fans to pump that heat into buildings. In summer, the solar fans operate in reverse, venting rising warm air from a building to the outside.

On tonight's program, the Sun Lizard competing against a pivot device that makes transferring loads from a wheelbarrow to a skip bin more easy and an exhaust pipe for horse trailers that keeps dangerous engine fumes away from the animals.

The show's three-member expert panel concluded the Sun Lizard's heating and cooling capabilities represented a major advance in passive heating and cooling. All of them praised it as a timely invention as Australia battles global warming.

A video of Colin's appearance can be viewed on the New Inventor's website by typing "Sun Lizard" in the left-hand search field of the home page.






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